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LE South Africa celebrates 50 years of reliability solutions

Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa celebrates its 50th birthday in 2022 – a major milestone for the company, which has now been family-run for three generations. The company is celebrating 50 years of providing specialist lubrication products and reliability solutions to the local market, and plans to continue expanding its coverage and entering new markets.

Lubrication Engineers was first founded in 1951 in Fort Worth, Texas. LE South Africa was established in 1974 and was the first international distributor of LE products outside of the USA. Today, LE offers distribution in more than 60 countries worldwide. LE South Africa holds the rights for LE products in sub-Saharan Africa and remains one of the top five LE distributors globally by product volume.

“We believe the secret to the business’s longevity is the fact that LE has always focused on designing products that meet the needs of specific applications,” says Callum Ford, National Marketing Manager at LE South Africa. “That, coupled with our product quality, customer service and the fact that we focus on creating total reliability solutions for our customers, is what has seen us continue to grow for 50 years.”

Ford adds that LE also has a deep understanding of its customers’ requirements, the challenges they face and the trends that affect their industries, which has allowed it to expand on its core products (open-gear lubricants, wire rope lubricants and general greases) to meet changing needs. This has included developing environmentally-sensitive products, specialist lubricants (such as food-safe options for the food, beverage and agricultural sectors), as well as complete lubrication storage and handling systems, automated lubrication dispensing solutions and reliability programmes, among others.

“While it’s gratifying to be able to celebrate 50 years in business in 2022, we’re not resting on our laurels,” says Ford. “We continue to grow our team of lubrication specialists and tribologists (we’re currently setting up a presence in the Northern Cape, for example) and extending our reach into the farming and marine sectors, as well as other specialist fields. We hope to be successfully serving our customers for many decades to come.”

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