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Food Grade Lubricants and Ship to Shore Cranes

Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa assisted the Port of Ngqura in the Eastern Cape, run by Transnet on an issue they were experiencing regarding their Ship to Shore cranes.

Their Problem

Every time they lubricated the electrical power supply cables, to the spreader, the lubricant would be scrapped off or flung off while the spreader was in use.

This caused problems to both the ships that were docked below the cranes, as they would be covered in grease by the time they had been loaded or offloaded, and to the environment when the grease did not fall onto the ship but fell into the water instead.

Transnet (Ports) needed a lubricant that was taky enough, not to fling off, but also would be environmentally friendly enough, not to be toxic to the marine life, living in the port waters.

Our Solution

We suggested the Lubrication Engineers H1 Quincal™ Syn FG Grease (4072) which is a NSF H1 registered grease for incidental food contact, meaning it is non-toxic. It is a synthetic base fluid, calcium sulfonate thickened grease that contains Quinplex®, LE’s propriety impact-resistant additive.

The grease has a very high dropping point, exceptional extreme pressure characteristics and will not fling off or get washed off by water due to its extreme tackiness.


Transnet have now been using this grease, on the electrical supply cables for the spreaders, for over 5 years. Below are some pictures of the “basket” that the cable has to drop into, when the spreader is raised or dropped onto the ship. The protection of the electrical wire rope due to the tacky H1 Quincal™ Syn FG Grease, without any fling off has helped extend the life of the ropes by double.

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