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About LE

Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa is proud to represent the LE brand in Africa. We hold the rights to Southern Africa on the LE brand, recognised internationally as a specialist in lubrication...


Investing in better performing lubricants can make your plant more reliable by protecting your equipment and keeping it running longer and more efficiently. Lubrication Engineers manufactures and distributes...

Reliability Solutions

Lubrication Engineers is a one-stop shop for lubrication reliability. We will work closely with you to learn about your specific equipment and lubrication needs, and then help you create an effective lubrication reliability program...


L.E. International & all our distributors are dedicated to providing the ultimate support to all our customers

L.E. Enhanced Lubricants are mineral & synthetic lubes engineered to provide exceptional equipment reliability & a high return on investment (ROI) to the bottom line. L.E.’s Reliability program goes beyond just Enhanced Lubricants. We offer Reliability Solutions:

L.E. products are marketed exclusively through local, highly trained & experienced Lubrication Consultants, dedicated to providing their customers the best products & services available anywhere. They are capable of providing lubrication solutions for a wide variety of industries, equipment & special applications.