Wire Rope Lubricants

High-performance wire rope lubricants providing superior performance

LE’s high-performance Wirelife® lubricants extend the life of wire ropes, chains and cables in extreme environmental conditions that are common for these types of applications, including cranes, drilling rigs, shovels, drag lines and suspension bridges all use wire rope, chain or cable to perform work such as pulling or hoisting.

Key benefits include:
    • Increased operational life
    • Able to penetrate between wires and strands
    • High fluid film strength
    • Prevents oxidation, rust and corrosion
    • Allows ropes to remain pliable
Our Wire Rope Lubricants:

Wire Rope Coating Lubricants

Coating lubricants penetrate slightly while sealing the outside of the wire rope from moisture, and reducing wearing and fretting corrosion.

Penetrating Lubricant for Wire Ropes

LE’s penetrating lubricants contain a petroleum solvent that carries the lubricant into the core of the wire rope, then evaporates, leaving behind a heavy lubricating film to protect and lubricate each strand.

Wire Rope Lubricants for Environmentally Sensitive Applications

LE’s range of environmentally friendly lubricants are biogradable and reduce toxicity impact in comparison to traditional lubricants.