Single Point Lubricators

Continuous delivery of the correct lubricant

Having the right lubricant consistently and reliably applied in the correct amounts is essential for keeping equipment in a good functioning state and avoiding breakdowns. A common, simple solution in these instances is to use single-point lubricators. They are automated to deliver the right lubricant to a particular component in the ideal amount all of the time. Xport™ single-point lubricators filled with LE lubricants can provide this functionality.

The cost of a single-point lubricator is offset by:

  • Decreases in downtime
  • Fewer labour expenses
  • Reduced replacement of parts
  • Better management of cross-contamination risks

In addition to the cost benefits, the overall performance of equipment is improved with the use of a single-point lubricator. Among other things, dust and moisture are kept out of equipment; there is a 24/7 supply of lubrication to essential elements; only the correct lubricant is supplied to critical parts; and there is no excessive or insufficient use of lubricants. Overall plant safety is also improved because the need for manual access to hard-to-reach or dangerous locations for lubrication is reduced.

LE supplies Xport™ single-point lubricators to clients in all varieties of manufacturing facilities, mining operations, power generation sites, and water treatment plants, around the world.

LE’s range of single-point lubricators

The Xport™ single-point lubricators supplied by LE are durable, tough, and simple to install on a vast number of blowers, fans, conveyors, roller and slide bearings, open gears, pumps, chains and motors.

Xport™ Perma Flex Single Point Lubricators

The Perma Flex unit comes filled with the LE lubricant of your choice, and there are many oil and grease options to choose from.

Incorrect or inadequate lubrication results in equipment damage that can lead to breakdown. In many cases, single-point lubricators are the solution to this problem.

Challenging applications

Recommended product: Xport™ Flex Lubricator

Common uses: Pumps, electric motors, roller bearings, sliding bearings and open gears in the food, oil, gas, mining, quarrying and refinery industries.

Xport Flex SPL
Xport Flex SPL
Xport Flex SPL

This lubricator is able to function well both indoors and outdoors and its durability makes it a good choice for challenging applications in a wide range of temperatures.  In addition to an adjustable discharge period of between one month and one year, its ingress protection produces consistent lubrication in even very dusty and moist contexts. There are two sizes available, 60 and 125 cc (2.03 and 4.23 fl oz) and it can be installed in hard-to-reach, compact spots.

Simple installation

The Xport™ Flex Lubricator requires little set up and can be activated by adjusting the component to reflect the desired discharge period. This rate can also be adjusted after installation and paused for longer periods when required. An internal, electronically controlled chemical reaction establishes the required pressure to dispense the lubricant at the correct rate.

Xport™ Star Vario Lubricator

Precise discharge

Recommended product: Xport™ Star Vario Lubricator

Common uses: Gear racks, shaft seals, electric motors, chains, roller bearings, sliding bearings, open gears, sliding guides and spindles in the food, paper, oil, gas, environmental technology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Star Vario SPL
Star Vario SPL
Star Vario SPL

Where equipment components require a finely controlled supply of lubrication, an automatic single-point lubricator offers a sound solution. The Star Vario system includes an LCD screen for viewing and altering discharge volume and period settings. It can withstand water jet and dust when the individual parts have been compiled accurately, making the unit a common choice for electric motors that have meticulous re-lubrication requirements.

Once the initial lubricant is finished, the system’s drive unit can be re-used alongside a refill unit, which includes a new lubricant cartridge.

The components of the system are:

  • A lubricant canister with capacities of 60, 120 or 250 cc (2.03, 4.06 or 8.45 fl oz)
  • A battery pack
  • An electromechanical drive unit
  • An LCD display with green and red LEDs

Xport™ Star Control

Flexibility and precision

Recommended product: Xport™ Star Control

Common uses: Gear racks, shaft seals, electric motors, chains, roller bearings, sliding bearings, open gears, sliding guides and spindles in the food, paper, recycling, power production and mining industries.

Xstar SPL
Xstar SPL
Xstar SPL

This unit also offers extremely accurate lubricant dispensing and is a preferred option for use in electric motors. It can be connected to an external power source through its cable, which also allows its settings to be controlled remotely. This unit can be used in either the time or impulse operating mode, which can be set using the LCD display.

The impulse mode releases a set quantity of lubricant when voltage is applied to the system. The time mode controls the discharging of lubricant according to the equipment’s operating hours. The precision of the discharge quantity is not affected by temperature or counter pressure. The system’s drive unit can be used multiple times with a refill cartridge.

The components of the Star Control unit are:

  • A lubricant cartridge with capacities of 60, 120 or 250 cc (2.03, 4.06 or 8.45 fl oz)
  • A power cable
  • An electromechanical drive unit
  • An LCD display