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Determining the exact time for relubrication and the actual lubricant needed for each bearing are 2 principal skills required by lubrication technicians in maintaining bearings efficiency. Proper lubrication is crucial because under lubrication will cause premature bearing failure while on the other hand, over-greasing will lead to catastrophic failure to the bearing
(grease churning and overheating) which eventually damage the motor coils and windings.                                                 

Although this is a common lubrication problem, it can be easily resolved by latest Easylube® RFID micro-computer lubricator. With Easylube® RFID, the exact greasing quantity and re-greasing intervals for each bearing can be easily calculated and managed by Easylube® MQL software. In addition, the Easylube® RFID system track, monitor and alarm user on lubrication-related issues during routine inspection thus enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance practice.

Easylube® RFID is user friendly, very economical and can easily be installed at any location, especially where equipment are located in isolated, scattered, dangerous and negligible area. It helps lubrication technicians to eliminate potential human errors and improve employee safety.


Easylube® RFID micro-computer lubricator is specially designed for maintenance engineers using the most economical and practical techniques to solve lubrication-related problems.

Easylube® RFID guarantees greasing with 100% accountability.

  1. No more uncertainty in greasing interval and grease volume on each bearing.
  2. No more lubrication points is missed out during inspection.
  3. No more human errors during regreasing and inspection route.
  4. Enable easy tracking of bearing root cause.
  5. Enable setting up a computerized bearing management system, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance practice thus reduce in maintenance costs.

Most Advanced Lubrication Management System 

Engineered lubrication systems are becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury, for further reducing machine downtime and maintenance costs.