Synolec® Lubricant (9963)

Synolec® Lubricant (9963)

A pure synthetic product that leaves no deposits to cause chains to bind, jump the sprocket or break, or conveyor rollers to slide or bind.


  • Oil dissipates at high temperatures, leaving no residue. Metal surfaces remain clean and chains, conveyors and bearings operate freely and smoothly.
  • Stable, long-lived oil. Does better job of lubricating with less lubricant consumed.
  • Cleans off deposits left by ordinary lubricants. Clean parts work smoother and more efficiently, requiring less power.
  • Easy to apply with standard equipment. No special equipment or tools needed.
  • Cuts costly downtime by reducing wear and minimising the danger of broken chains and conveyors, or seized bearings.
  • Controls rust and corrosion because of special additives.


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