Pyroshield® Syn Open Gear…

Pyroshield® Syn Open Gear Aerosol (5100)

This product is designed for use in large unshrouded open gears in the mining, mineral processing and cement industries, heavily loaded sliding applications, gears with high point-of-contact temperatures and fifth wheel applications and sliding hitches. It is a heavy-duty synthetic lubricant that provides extreme protection, available in convenient aerosol.


  • Increases uptime
  • Lengthens equipment life
  • Lowers lubricant consumption
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Outperforms similar products in wear protection and load-carrying ability
  • Carries 90-lb Timken OK load
  • Resists shock loading
  • Provides excellent oxidation resistance and rust protection
  • Reduces noise in large open gears
  • Outstanding tackiness
  • Wide temperature range
  • Has no dropping point (will not melt)
  • Works for open gears and heavily loaded sliding applications


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