Pyroshield® Syn Hvy &…

Pyroshield® Syn Hvy & XHvy Open Gear Lubricants (9000 & 9011)

A heavy-metal-free synthetic oil that provides extreme protection


  • Increases uptime
  • Lengthens gear life
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Superior gear protection
  • Exhibits exceptionally high film strength, helpful for withstanding high-load, heavy-shock applications
  • Carries Timken OK load of 95-lb
  • Creates a film on metal surfaces, preventing destructive metal-to-metal contact
  • Reduces gear temperatures by 5-15%
  • Contains no lead or heavy metals – can be disposed of like any other non-hazardous petroleum oil
  • Appears translucent in use, facilitating visual inspection of open gears
  • Does not require equipment to be shut down during conversion from old lubricant to new
  • Can be applied manually or through automatic spray systems
  • Eliminates clean-up related downtime
  • Performs better and lasts longer than competitive lubricants
  • Reduces maintenance costs for repairs, parts and labour
  • Reduces lubricant consumption by up to 80%
  • Reduces energy consumption


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