Monolec® High Temperature Oven…

Monolec® High Temperature Oven Chain Lubricant (9965-9966)

A synthetic H2 lubricant that penetrates hot oven chains, remains thermally stable and reduces energy use.


  • Offers broad temperature range; can be used up to 300°C (572°F)
  • As temperature increases, lubricant forms a soft carbonaceous residue with solid lubricant properties and minimal build-up.
  • Reduces coefficient of friction at elevated temperatures
  • Provides superior oxidation stability
  • Reduces volatility
  • High flash point minimises safety concerns when applying to hot chains
  • Seals out damaging moisture
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Effectively lubricates all moving parts of the chain
  • Minimises wear
  • Minimises electrical energy needed for conveyor chain operation


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