Monocal® GP Grease (1499,…

Monocal® GP Grease (1499, 1498)

A versatile grease with a calcium sulfonate complex thickener that protects equipment from heat, moisture and heavy loads.


  • Performs effectively in severe conditions such as heat, water and heavy loads
  • Provides long-lasting reliable protection
  • Ensures very low oil separation
  • Features high-viscosity base fluid (ISO 220)
  • Calcium sulfonate thickener that inherently prevents rust and corrosion – even in seawater
  • High dropping point
  • Excellent mechanical stability for long-lasting use
  • Protects against wear, metal-to-metal contact and scoring
  • Provides exceptional film strength
  • Resists oxidation and water contamination
  • Maintains consistency after repeated heating and cooling


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