H1 Quinplex® Synthetic Food…

H1 Quinplex® Synthetic Food Grade Oil (4032, 4046, 4068)

A food-grade lubricant that clings to equipment, providing reliable water-resistant protection from oxidation, rust and wear.


  • NSF H1 registered and certified for use in Kosher and Halal food environments
  • Provides margin of safety with superior anti-wear properties
  • Outperforms many white oils that are unable to offer this protection because they do not include anti-wear additive
  • Protects from rust and corrosion
  • Provides superior protection, even in extremely low temperatures
  • Offers reliable performance
  • Extends equipment life and decreases downtime
  • Offers excellent load-carrying capability
  • Is compatible with seals (including Nitrile and Viton)


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