LE’s turbine oils are trusted to protect high-maintenance machines, including gas turbines, steam turbines and hydroelectric turbines. LE’s premium turbine oils lower excessive temperatures and allow equipment to bear heavy loads with ease. LE turbine oils are available for units driven with or without reduction gears in a variety of ISO viscosity grades, including ISO 32, ISO 46 and ISO 68.

They maximize value for long-service-life applications such as circulating oil systems, centrifugal compressors and turbine bearings by fighting off many of the common causes of equipment damage.

Key benefits of LE’s turbine oils include:

  • Meet or exceed OEM requirements for turbines
  • Wear resistance
  • Excellent water separation
  • Non-foaming performance
  • Resist varnish and sludge formation
Turbine Oils
Gas Combustion and Combine Cycle Turbine Oil
LE’s gas combustion and combine cycle turbine oil helps provide oxidation stability and deposit resistance, the two keys to turbine oil performance.


Endure™ Turbine Oil (6481-6482)

This turbine oil has been formulated specifically for use in gas combustion turbines and has excellent oxidation stability and deposit control.


  • Superior oxidative and thermal stability for long-term performance
  • Prevents varnish, sludge and deposit formation
  • Good air release properties and suppresses foam
  • Provides rust and corrosion
  • Offers anti-wear protection
  • Separates readily from water
  • Can be filtered for long-term oil cleanliness
Steam, Combined Cycle and Hydro Turbine Oil
Certain turbine applications – including gear-driven turbines or those in which a hydraulic control system and turbine share the same oil – require oil with anti-wear properties. Unlike many anti-wear additives that decrease the oxidation resistance of turbine oils, LE’s proprietary Monolec® additive provides increased protection against wear with no negative effect on the oxidation life of the oil.


Monolec® Turbine Oil (6461-6463)

This is a is a premium, high- performance turbine oil with excellent water separation characteristics, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and improved wear-reducing properties.


  • Reduces varnish and deposits
  • Separates readily from water
  • Provides excellent resistance to foaming
  • Imparts superior rust protection
  • Lengthens equipment life
  • Extends drain intervals
Environmentally Friendly Turbine Oil for Hydro Turbine Applications
LE’s Low Tox® Turbine Oils feature low ecotoxicity for environmentally sensitive applications. They provide outstanding wear protection and temperature reduction while minimizing the environmental impact. This is crucial for applications such as wastewater treatment equipment, hydroelectric dams, paper mills, forestry equipment or water pumps.


Low Tox® Turbine Oil (6412-6414)

This environmentally friendly turbine oil provides long-lasting performance, equivalent to conventional turbine oils, but with lower toxicity than biodegradable turbine oils.


  • Ensures low toxic effect on aquatic organisms
  • Reduces ecotoxicity
  • Provides long-lasting performance, equivalent to conventional turbine oils
  • Resists hydrolysis better than vegetable or synthetic ester-based oils
  • Lasts significantly longer than vegetable-based oils
  • Exhibits excellent demulsibility
  • Is compatible with seals