LE’s multi-functional fuel lubricants offer value by extending the life of petrol and diesel engines and contributing to better vehicle performance. Our range is suitable for light and heavy-duty trucks, buses, farming vehicles, passenger cars, and even gardening equipment like lawn mowers. LE’s lubricants are designed to enhance engine performance and efficiency and can help clients prevent and treat a range of problems in their fleets and vehicles.

  • High-quality lubricants protect petrol engines and contribute to better fuel economy
  • Our additives keep diesel engines clean and help optimise fuel consumption
  • A simple solution for improved efficiency
  • Can be used in industrial, commercial and personal vehicles
Full Torque
Diesel Fuel Lubricants

LE’s diesel fuel solutions are proven to be a valuable weapon for long-haul diesel engine operators fighting to keep their trucks on the road despite harsh environments. The value of these fuel additives for improving longevity and performance can be seen in our fleet savings calculator



  • Decreases ignition time and minimises smoke at start-up
  • Decreases fuel pump and injector wear with improved lubricity
  • Protects fuel system against rust and corrosion
  • Enhances performance of fuel injectors, including high-pressure common rail systems
  • Restores lost fuel economy
  • Increases power
  • Decreases noise


Full Torque™ W Diesel Fuel Improver (2411)

This diesel lubricant is recommended for use when temperatures are at or below 1.7°C.


Full Torque™ S Diesel Fuel Improver (2421)

This diesel fuel additive delivers year-round performance.


Petrol Fuel Lubricants

LE’s petrol fuel lubricants can maximize engine performance and reduce fuel costs for many types of petrol engines. The value of these fuel additives for improving longevity and performance can be seen in our fleet savings calculator.



L-X® Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement (2300)

This lubricant is a combination of oils and chemicals carefully formulated for use in automobiles and other petrol engines.



  • Reduces frictional wear on internal engine parts
  • Protects metal surfaces against acid attacks
  • Reduces corrosive wear
  • Keeps engine clean
  • Maximises fuel combustion
  • Provides smoother engine performance
  • Mixes thoroughly with fuel without any agitation
  • Is an EPA-registered fuel additive for gasoline engines