Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater treatment plants require lubricants that are able to withstand the corrosive and hostile chemistry required in sewage treatment. LE products have proven successful in water treatment plants around the globe, and their lack of toxic ingredients or additives has made them attractive to clients in this sector.

With new technical developments and increased regulatory compliance requirements in the water treatment industry, advanced lubricants are required. Operators recognise that water treatment mechanical equipment requires top-performing lubricants to deal with constant exposure to harsh contaminants, such as acid, moisture and dirt.

LE is able to provide a comprehensive range of lubrication solutions for use with chains and chain drives, gear reducers, grease fittings, air compressors, pumps, hydraulics, turbines and anti-friction and plain bearings, among others.

Speak to your LE consultant about how we can meet your water and wastewater lubrication needs.