Transportation and Fleet

Every transport, freight or fleet company wants to ensure long vehicle life and efficient operations. LE offers owners and management, small or large, a range of lubrication products designed to help you to save money and maximise profits.

LE lubricants provide substantial cost savings by reducing downtime and ensuring longer effective equipment life. Our comprehensive line of high-quality lubricants includes solutions for engine crankcases (petrol, diesel and LPG), differentials and transmissions.

LE engine oils are also proven to last longer in service. Drain intervals can be safely extended because of our powerful extended drain package, which offers the benefits of reduced lubricant consumption, reduced makeup oil, reduced labour costs and improved fuel economy due to reduced friction.

LE also offers a range of premium greases, for applications including chassis and bearings, wheel bearings, kingpins, u-joints and fifth wheels, among others.

Let us advise you on the best lubrication solutions to keep your vehicles in top condition.