Steel and Primary Metals

With extreme manufacturing conditions, including high temperatures and loads, the steel and primary metals industry requires top-notch lubricants. LE has proven itself in this sector around the world, providing specialist lubricants that help our customers to substantially increase their productivity by reducing their operating and maintenance costs.

We are also able to advise our customers on protecting their lubricants from moisture and contaminants, using our lubricant reliability solutions, including automatic lube systems and an oil analysis programme.

Our exclusive additives, such as Duolec®, Almasol® and Monolec®, provide unrivalled load and temperature resistance in critical loaded applications, helping to reduce wear. We have products available for specific applications to ensure that they are designed to give the best performance where they are needed. For example, our Almaplex® Ultra Syn Lubricant (1299) grease has been designed specifically for extreme steel industry applications, while our Duolec® Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricants (1600 series) provide outstanding EP and wear protection for heavily loaded gearboxes.

Our industrial greases are ideal for hot strip mill bearing and help them last longer. Our greases are very tacky and are impervious to water, sealing out contaminants and handling extreme conditions. We can also recommend automatic lube systems to ensure that the grease is applied adequately and consistently.

LE’s gear, hydraulic, turbine and other industrial oils are designed for use with gearboxes, speed increasers and pump bearings and can withstand the challenges of high temperatures, heavy loads and shock loads, as well as contaminants. Our oils help to reduce gear wear and failure. Many also have anti-foaming packages and excellent water separation properties, which allow water contamination to be drained away.

Let us help you to protect your business by supplying you with the best lubrication products for your specific requirements.