Power Generation

The power and energy generation industry is under constant pressure to perform more efficiently and reliably, and your lubricants should not let you down in this regard. You need high-performance, long-life, quality lubrication solutions to protection your power plant and minimise your maintenance time and costs.

LE has worked across the power generation spectrum, from traditional fossil fuel plants to renewable energy projects, and we have developed solutions to meet your specific needs. While conventional lubricants are not designed to withstand the challenges of your operating environment, our lubricants and solutions have been tailored to protect your power generation equipment.

Our Monolec® turbine oils are ideal for use in mainline turbines such as Siemens, Alstom and Westinghouse, while our Pyroshield® open gear lubricants are synthetic lubricants designed to provide outstanding wear protection to critical ball mills and other expensive, heavily loaded open gears. We recommend our Duolec® gear oils (1600 series) for extended service life due to their EP, non-foaming and water-resistant characteristics.

Contact us to discuss your power sector lubrication requirements. Whether your needs relate to coal-fired plants, hydro plants or wind energy, we are well placed to assist you.