Food and Beverages

The food and beverage industry requires specialised lubrication solutions that take into account not only the complexity of the equipment, but also specific operating environment challenges, such as non-toxicity.

The food industry is one of our main markets due to our extensive range of LE products designed for use with food processing equipment.

Essentially, most food processing machinery requires lubrication for bearings, gears, slides or chains. Lubrication solutions in this environment need to be able to withstand moisture, hot and cold conditions, shock loading or impact, and constant use of equipment. They also need to comply with non-toxicity regulations and to take into account chemicals in the environment, from the pH of the food components themselves to those used in sanitation and cleaning processes.

The LE Quinplex® additive makes many LE lubricants an easy and appropriate choice for food applications, while our USDA and NSF certified greases are well suited for applications in sealing and waterproofing machinery.