Construction and Earthmoving

The construction and earthmoving industry requires robust lubrication solutions that are suited to the tough environment. Equipment is subjected to heat, dust, cold and moisture, as well as often being handled by a range of operators.

At Lubrication Engineers, we understand the key lubrication challenges in this sector well and have designed solutions to match every requirement.

Greases for this industry need to be designed to withstand high temperatures to avoid melting and running out of bearings, which can cause premature wear and ultimately, equipment failure. Greases also need to be designed to form a good seal to avoid letting in contaminants like water and dirt.

LE offers quality bearing grease and lubricants for scrapers, crawler tractors, shovels, draglines, cranes, backhoes, front-end loaders, ditching and trenching machines, large loaders and bucket pins, portable air compressors, power-producing equipment and various other “yellow metal” equipment.