The chemicals industry presents a number of challenges when it comes to lubrication requirements, ranging from extreme temperatures to contamination from chemicals, water and particulates and continuous operation. LE understands that this environment requires high-performance lubricants to protect machinery and keep it operating. We have developed a range of products and solutions to serve the needs of the chemicals industry, and also recommend putting in place a lubricant reliability programme to keep your operation running smoothly at all times.

Choosing industrial lubricants that exceed specifications and reliability products that keep your lubricants clean and dry throughout their expected life will help you to reduce costly repairs and unnecessary downtime.

LE’s products are designed to reduce friction, heat and wear. They help to decrease oil temperatures, thus reducing energy consumption and waste oil. They also help you to extend your oil change intervals and even your equipment life, thus increasing your production and having a direct impact on your bottom line.

Complete lubrication reliability programme: LE is able to help you to design and implement a comprehensive lubrication reliability programme, tailored to meet your specific needs. We can provide you with all of the elements of a programme, taking into account your electric motors, compressors, an oil analysis programme, and everything else you need, as well as providing you with full-service support for your chemical manufacturing and processing plants.