Concrete and Cement

The concrete and cement sector requires robust lubricants to protect equipment in what is a very harsh working environment. At LE, we understand that high-impact, heavy-contamination applications in the concrete and cement industry demand high-performance lubricants. Our products are designed to give you a business advantage by significantly reducing your operating and maintenance costs, and keep your equipment running 365 days a year, with minimal downtime.

Our exclusive additives – Duolec®, Almasol®, Monolec® and Quinplex® – are designed for extreme temperature resistance and have excepetional load-carrying ability. Coupled with our high-quality base oils, they ensure a superior formulation that is ideal for the concrete and cement industry. For large ball mills and kilns, our range of Pyroshield® open-gear lubricants is particularly effective.

Our solutions for the concrete and cement industry include:

Greases and automatic lube systems: Our greases help you to avoid bearing failures. While low-quality greases do not seal effectively, thus allowing contaminants to enter equipment, LE greases are very tacky and resistant to water washout and shock loading. We also supply automatic lube systems for making sure grease is correctly applied to protect your equipment and keep it running with maximum efficieny.

Gearbox protection: When cement plant gearboxes are overloaded, which is a common challenge, they may overheat, resulting in increased wear and ultimately gear failure. Other common gearbox issues include emulsification of gear oil caused by water contamination, and extreme foaming. Our Duolec® EP range of gear oils can help you to avoid these problems by providing excellent protection against shock loading, as well as a powerful anti-foaming package and outstanding water separation. Our products can thus assist you to extend the life of your gear oil, as well as the gearbox.

Open gear protection: The open gears found in kilns and ball mills tend to be subject to premature wear because of inadequate lubrication and shock loading. Our LE Pyroshield® Syn Hvy and XHvy open gear lubricants were designed specifically to protect high-load, heavy-shock applications. With translucent Pyroshield lubricants in use, maintenance tpersonnel can easily inspect open gears with the use of a strobe light. Best of all, the Pyroshield conversion process does not require any stoppage of production.