LE understands that agricultural industry lubricants need to be suitable for harsh environments and tough operating conditions. They must be able to protect your machinery and withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to dirt and moisture.

We supply a range of products to meet your every need and for every kind of agricultural machinery, from tractors to trucks, air compressors, vacuum pumps and harvesters or bailers.

Our agricultural products include:

Grease: We have developed specialist greases that will not wash off, pound out or liquefy and run.

Engine oils: Our high-performance engine oil formulation is designed to improve the engine performance of your agricultural equipment by preventing deposits and reducing wear in both diesel and petrol engines. With regular oil analysis and filter changes, our engine oils can safely extend your drain intervals.

Transmission fluids and diesel fuel improvers: Our transmission fluids and diesel fuel improvers are designed to keep your agricultural machinery operating with maximum efficiency.

Rust and oxidation additives:  Our quality rust and oxidation additives ensure your equipment is protected from corrosive fertilisers and chemicals.

Automatic lubrication systems: We supply automatic lubrication systems to help you ensure your equipment is sufficiently consistently lubricated.