Industrial Greases

High-performance industrial greases providing superior performance

LE offers an extensive range of high-performance industrial greases, all of which provide superior performance versus conventional greases. LEÔÇÖs greases are formulated with various thickeners and in a range of NLGI grades.

Key benefits include:
    • Excellent load-carrying ability
    • Mechanical stability
    • Low oil separation rates
    • High dropping points

These ensure that LE greases are effective for many industrial and fleet applications, including high-temperature and high-moisture operations.

Our Industrial Greases:

Lithium Complex Greases

LEÔÇÖs lithium complex greases are designed to perform well in a broad temperature range, offer excellent mechanical stability and provide exceptional wear protection.

Lithium Hydroxy 12 Greases

LEÔÇÖs lithium hydroxy 12 greases are versatile general-purpose products suitable for a wide range of applications.

Aluminium Complex Greases

LEÔÇÖs aluminium complex greases are valued as multifunctional, multipurpose products.

Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases

The calcium sulfonate thickener in these LE greases inherently prevents rust and corrosion.

Polyurea Grease

Clay (Benton) Greases

These smooth-textured LE clay greases offer outstanding heat resistance.

Calcium Grease