Hydraulic Oils

High-performance hydraulic oils providing superior performance

LE manufactures and supplies a wide range of open and enclosed gear lubricants. Our gear lubricants are either made entirely from highly refined base oils or synthetic base products and are suitable for all gearbox applications.

Key benefits include:
    • Exceptional wear protection
    • Superior oxidation resistance
    • Non-foaming characteristics
    • Water separation ability
    • Long service life
    • Versatility
Our Hydraulic Oils:

Hydraulic Oils for Mobile and Stationary Applications

LE’s hydraulic oils for mobile and stationary applications improve performance, reduce wear and protect equipment:

Hydraulic Oils for Environmentally Sensitive Applications: Low Toxicity & EAL

LE’s low toxicity oils provide protection for the environment because they minimizes overall impact on ecosystems:

Hydraulic Oils for Stationary Applications

LE’s hydraulic oil for stationary applications are able to perform well in intense environments and increase the lifespan of equipment and parts. We include LE’s unique additives to reduce wear:

Food-grade Hydraulic Oils

LE’s food-grade hydraulic oils are approved for use in food-related applications and provide a safe, high-performing solution for hydraulic lubrication needs: