Gear Oils

High-performance gear oils providing superior performance

LE manufactures and supplies a wide range of open and enclosed gear lubricants. Our gear lubricants are either made entirely from highly refined base oils or synthetic base products and are suitable for all gearbox applications

Key benefits include:
    • Exceptional wear protection
    • Superior oxidation resistance
    • Non-foaming characteristics
    • Water separation ability
    • Long service life
    • Versatility
Our Gear Oils:

Gear Oils (EP)

LEÔÇÖs high-performance EP gear oils contain LEÔÇÖs exclusive Duolec┬« additive. This range includes:

Gear Oils (R&O)

LEÔÇÖs R&O oils offer performance benefits and prolonged life in air compressors, hydraulics, oil circulating systems, industrial turbines, and R&O industrial and gear applications:

Food-grade Gear Oils

LEÔÇÖs food-grade gear oils are suitable for use in a variety of gearboxes and other critical applications in food and beverage manufacturing operations. These lubricants contain LEÔÇÖs unique Quinplex┬« additive to improve their quality and performance:

Worm Gear Lubricants

LEÔÇÖs supplies a superior performing worm gear lubricant that is based on a paraffin oil and LEÔÇÖs proprietary wear-reducing additive, Almasol┬«: