Fuel Lubricants

High-performance fuel lubricants providing superior performance

LE’s multi-functional fuel lubricants offer value by extending the life of petrol and diesel engines and contributing to better vehicle performance. Our range is suitable for light and heavy-duty trucks, buses, farming vehicles, passenger cars, and even gardening equipment like lawn mowers. LE’s lubricants are designed to enhance engine performance and efficiency and can help clients prevent and treat a range of problems in their fleets and vehicles.

Key benefits include:
    • High-quality lubricants protect petrol engines and contribute to better fuel economy
    • Our additives keep diesel engines clean and help optimise fuel consumption
    • A simple solution for improved efficiency
    • Can be used in industrial, commercial and personal vehicles
Our Fuel Lubricants:
Lubrication Engineers stocks the following fuel lubricants. Click to view more.
Diesel Fuel Lubricants Petrol Fuel Lubricants

Diesel Fuel Lubricants

Petrol Fuel Lubricants